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Pokket Mixer

99.00 Chf

Mini table de mixage pour signaux casques audio, Installation simple - Utilisation sans piles!!

The POKKETMIXER is the first mobile mini DJ mixer for everybody. It s easy to use and - since it needs NO POWER SUPPLY - it s very versatile. The handy POKKETMIXER is easy to wire up and ready in just 30 seconds. So anyone can easily and spontaneously be a DJ anywhere and at anytime. 

Made in Berlin.

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Main functions: Cross fading between two stereo audio signals (headphones signals), preview listen and EQ.

With the crossfader you can fade from one song to the ogher. With the \"listen\" switch the music can be heard from either device through your headphones. An equalizer can be switched on to change low, mid and high frequency of the left or right player.

Set-up Quick and Easy: Just plug two player, connect the music system and the dance floor is ready.

Transport: easy! The small, light unit weighs only 130g, needs no power supply unit, no unnecessary multible sockets or extra connection cables.

Two in, one out - Two signals go in, one signal comes out. With the standard 3.5mm stereo plug, two players are docked (eg MP3 player, mobile phone, notebook, tablets or PC) and one system plays your music (eg stereo system or boom box)

  • Largeur 80 mm
  • Hauteur 109 mm
  • Profondeur 27 mm
  • Poids 130 g
  • Inclus 1x PokketMixer / 1x Velvet Pouch / 2x Stereo Cable, 3.5 mm approx. 35 cm / manual

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